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Best Social Media Marketing Company in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the number of active social media users is growing rapidly every single day. In fact, according to the Global Digital Report 2020, More than 4.5 billion people are using the internet at the start. over 60% of the total world’s population is using social media which accounts for 3.8 billion people. That’s huge, right? from search engine optimization to copywriting and online PR which helps you to develop thought leadership in your industry. We have combined experience and have worked with multiple industries including celebrities, Fortune 500 companies and global influencers.

Using effective strategies and innovative creative thinking we engage audiences, encourage relevant conversation, influence behaviour, and achieve brand objectives.

Social media marketing agency in Bangladesh

Our Social Media Marketing Services

Do you want to grow your Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter pages? We are a team of social media marketing agency in Bangladesh who will provide you best services in your budget. 

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising service in Bangladesh

For any business whether online or physical, social media marketing is a must. You have to let people know about the existence of your business.

With the perfect advertisement on social media, you can grab the attention of real clients and buyers. And we have experts to ensure the most effective advertisement to promote your business.

Generally, we provide advanced social media marketing, strategy, and engagement. To engage with the users and amplify, we can provide you with the best platform.

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We are the expert social media marketing in Bangladesh. We provide you the social media strategy, consulting, and engagement services to promote your brand & business impression online and create the opportunity for your business.

Our social media management strategy helps you to engage with your user and amplify. Your audience with our state of art strategic social media marketing, consulting, and marketing automation.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram Marketing Service in Bangladesh

Day by day Instagram’s popularity grows widely and it has become an effective platform to promote your business. But you need to know the appropriate way for that.

In this case, you can simply trust us. Our Instagram marketing experts will make enchanting Instagram promotional content for your business.

With a complete guarantee, we can say that your Instagram advertising project will bring a remunerative result for your business.

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As a rapidly expanding platform within Facebook’s suite of apps and social media services, advertising on Instagram is more lucrative now than ever before.

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing Service in Bangladesh

The number of people is not inconsiderable who are using a mobile phone but not connected to the internet. And SMS marketing is a very effective idea to grab their attention.

Digital Expert solutions will provide location-based SMS, target-based SMS, and group-based SMS for you. You can also customize the group of people you would like to send SMS to.

All these short messages will tell people about the offer, discounts, and benefits of using your service. This could be a better form of marketing for the local business owners.

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The mobile phone is the most famous technology in our daily life. This technology has enhanced the main presentation media. SMS is such a messaging service that may create instant replies through mobile phones. We like to familiarize you that our Base IT team has some qualified IT specialists who are skilled in SMS technology. So we are confident to give any kind of SMS solution like bulk SMS, push-pull SMS, web-based SMS service in Bangladesh.

Why you chose us:

  • location Based SMS Marketing campaign
  • Targeted Based SMS Marketing campaign
  • Specific group member from our database list
  • Get report after finished campaign
  • Low Price
  • Effective Marketing
  • No regularly fees, No hidden costs
  • If it’s important to sell your products or promote your brand our SMS marketing policies make it easy to create SMS campaigns that best suit your message.

Digital Expert Solutions Ltd. provides you a super productive SMS marketing platform in Bangladesh also social media marketing agency that can help you to reach your target clients and grow their businesses. Our big list of powerful features lets you create a higher-performing SMS campaign in less time.

Digital Expert Solutions creates a positive way of contact for you with your businessman. So we are very much confident to deliver any kind of SMS solution like bulk SMS, push-pull SMS, web-based SMS service. Low cost, International standard, new Technology is our specialty. by using our Digital Expert Solutions Service you can send unlimited SMS within a second. Bulk SMS BD trains to provide a standard platform for clients in Bangladesh to quickly expand any SMS services. This involves SMS alerts, SMS engagements, SMS voting, SMS information services, SMS marketing Bangladesh campaigns, or SMS for CRM. We are inviting you to take a test of our world-class SMS Service and grow your Business/Brands.

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization service in Bangladesh

Optimizing your social media account is another important fact for your business. It helps people to get involved with your social media so much easier.

Our expert social media marketing specialists will also help you identify the basics of your account. In addition, it will make your account properly optimized.

The optimization aftermath will promote your business while bringing reputation, and brand awareness to your social account.

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Digital Expert Solutions Ltd. social media marketing team can help you to identify the key points for your social media account. By optimizing your social presence our social media specialist team can help you to grow your online reputation, brand awareness, and engagement with your prospective clients to drive sell-thru social media management and marketing services.

YouTube Marketing

Youtube Marketing Service in Bangladesh

Another lucrative offer, Digital Expert Solutions service provides for the business owner and that is YouTube marketing. Almost all internet users use YouTube and so, it becomes an effective platform for advertisement.

Our team will eventually help you with promotional image banner marketing and video optimization. Our effort will bring your content to the homepage feed as well.

It will apparently help you find more viewers and subscribers. So, you can get a nice opportunity to tell them about your business and service.

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Digital Expert Solutions Ltd. is the best social media markerting company in Bangladesh. We offers the best way of promoting your product & services on the greatest YouTube video marketing platform. Nowadays YouTube video marketing and image banners marketing now take a good position in Bangladesh. On YouTube, viewers can discover videos in many ways, for the case, by searching on the YouTube research page, matching recommended videos on the watch page, or keeping a video from the homepage feed. This means you can more completely find people who are searching for you and your brand across YouTube.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing Service in Bangladesh

The most popular medium of communication is email. And so, many successful business and service providers use it as a platform to promote their business.

Our team will provide you the same service as well. We will generally send emails to potential customers. As for your needs, we will answer them, inform them about necessary information, and handle all related tasks.

We make a list of the target audience and then work forward to promote your business via email. This way, your business will get more engagement and associations.

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Today, email is the most necessary association for everyone. Moreover, it works as a large platform for email marketing. In conclusion, we can connect with clients effortlessly. In other expressions, it is the most effective internet marketing tool. We will use email marketing services, because of-

  • Quick answer & quick delivery.
  • Most lower cost and highest profit.
  • Directly reach the targeted audience.
  • Website addresses and email addresses can be linked everywhere.
  • Space for advertisement is not an issue. Unlimited space you can use for communication.
  • You can use images, text, or any link. Besides this, you can use the feedback form also in email
  • By email marketing, you can increase your sales. Besides this, you can develop your company brand too.

Top Social Media Marketing Services in Bangladesh

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social media marketing company in Bangladesh

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